Quirk Magazine

There's something super exciting I'd love to share about! 

I designed and coded an online magazine! You can check it out here: http://www.quirk-magazine.com. The name of the magazine is called Quirk and it is by and for young women.

I started this magazine because I was frustrated with the selection of magazines out there that objectify women. "Get a flatter stomach!" and "Here's what you need to do to please your man!" litter the covers of magazines. On one hand, I don't believe there's anything inherently wrong with wanting a flatter stomach or wanting to please your man. However, it's an issue when it becomes a fixation that usurps other important facets of life. Women are painted as shallow, two-dimensional individuals who care single-mindedly about their appearance, men, and celebrities. Furthermore, these magazines prey on women's insecurities and, at the basis of it all, are constantly telling women that they're not good enough. "You're good enough only if you have a rocking body, if you can satisfy men sexually, if you're wearing the latest trends." All that being said, I understand that many people find these magazines entertaining to read, and that these magazines will probably be around for a long time.

However, I wished there could be a magazine for young women that didn't photoshop models' bodies. I wished there could be a magazine out there that extended beyond celebrity gossip, but also covered other topics like feminism and mental health. I wished there could be a magazine that celebrated female entrepreneurs and artists. And that's why Quirk was conceived.

Quirk isn't aiming to replace those magazines off the shelves; rather, it serves as an alternative option. My vision for Quirk Magazine is that it will cover a wide range of topics relevant to young women -- so not just fashion, but also social issues; not just outer beauty but also inner beauty. Quirk will feature entrepreneurs, artists, and women who are doing really cool stuff out there in the world! Maybe one day, I'll be able to see this online magazine in print.

Quirk is currently one day old, but I hope that as it matures and develops, it will stay true to its vision.