Canon AE-1, Diana Mini Limited Edition, Polaroid Land Camera

There's something about the aesthetic of film that I love! For one of my classes, I wrote a research paper about how people's attitudes towards capturing and sharing photos have evolved. Nowadays, the look of film is trending again, and apps like Instagram allow people to slap on a film filter. One of the articles I read mused that the resurgent popularity for the film aesthetic might have sprung up from people's desire to make certain photos look important again. Back in the film age, people only took photos at very important occasions, largely due to cost issues. The photos were safely stored in albums and shared with pride. Now, digital photos are ubiquitous, and even the mundane is being captured by phones. In an effort to look more important, digital photographs were edited to emulate film. 

Fujifilm Instax 210

Regardless of why the film aesthetic is popular today, I personally love how vintage it looks. Since the beginning of college, I've been falling in love with the vintage and minimalist aesthetic more and more. There's something exciting about capturing an image without knowing how it's going to turn out! 

Feel free to flip through some of my film photos!