I've Graduated!

I can't believe I've graduated already! This past Saturday, I received my BS in Communications and Certificate in Engineering Design. It's crazy to think how fast time flies. 

My dad and I!

Saying goodbyes has been hard. I cried for a bit when some people left. The thing is, I know I’ll see most of my friends again and that there’s always Skype and Facebook. Rather than grieving over the loss of friendships (because, after all, we will still be friends), I was grieving over the end of a wonderfully fun and abundant chapter of my life. Things will never be the same again. There will be no more spontaneous late-night hangouts with those friends, no more hanging out at their apartments, and no more bumping into each other randomly around campus. Even when we have a reunion in the distant future, things won’t be the same. We’ll all have moved on and found new friend groups. But with every closed chapter, there is a new one right up ahead.

I'm very excited for the next chapter of my life - design school! I still have a lot of prep work to finish, but it will be starting July 7. Just 2 more weeks to go!