Designation: Week 1/10

The first week of Designation has ended! Designation is the name of the design school I'll be attending for 9 more weeks. It's basically an intensive bootcamp to learn about User Interface Design (UI), User Experience Research (UX), and Front-End Development. If you don't understand what that jargon means, basically I get to design cool things like websites and apps! The school focuses on creating portfolio-ready pieces to equip us to land jobs or internships.

There are 22 people in my cohort. Many of my classmates quit their jobs and moved across the country just to do this course. It's so awesome to be surrounded by an eclectic group of people who are just so hungry to learn. One of them was a creative lead for MTV, and another worked on the Obama campaign. OHOHOHO networking opportunities right there!

The school's space is pretty cool. It's pretty reminiscent of the startup vibe, and has a bustling feel to it. The beanbags, which I have been caught napping on, are SUPER big and comfy. The hours usually run from 10am-9pm, so it is pretty intense and exhausting at times. BUT, totally worth it!

This week has been focused mainly on UX research. Our instructor is the lead interaction designer (IxD) for Grubhub, a popular food delivery app. He has a wealth of knowledge, and has been teaching us very practical real-world skills. We've been doing quite a bit of sketching and research practice.

Post-it notes can be your best friend when trying to find themes and glean insights from research. 

UX research allows businesses to understand how users interact with their products. It's a very vital process to carry out before delving into designing. 

I will be updating hopefully once per week, so my future posts will be revolving around Designation! I'm very excited to be doing exciting projects super soon. A BIG THANK YOU to all my friends who have provided me with nourishing food this week.