Taken with the iPhone. The sky looks so starry, even though they're actually fireworks!

Apologies for the eclectic nature of this post, but this week has been an odd mix of adventures.

4th of July happened! I had a BBQ with some friends - IT WAS SO DELICIOUS! We watched the fireworks afterwards, and it was just filled with magical moments. It was one of those times I wished I had a boyfriend haha.

Kevin's worn out shoes. You can see the skyline in the reflection!

On Saturday, I hung out with my awesome talented photographer friend Kevin in downtown Chicago. We wandered around and got semi-lost a couple of times, but that was all part of the fun. We talked about our dreams. Some of mine include:

  • Speaking 4 languages fluently before I die
  • Becoming a super awesome UI designer/front-end developer
  • Becoming really good at videography & photography
  • Starting my own magazine
  • Starting my own company

Yesterday, I was teaching my friend Josey a tad bit about photography. It was lovely spending time with her and getting to know her better. Isn't she such a cutie?


For prep work for my design school, I made a mock website regarding a mock book about dog butts. I used a template, the edited the code to fit my needs. I didn't take the photos though - just found them on the interwebs! The link is here. I think it would be so fun to actually make the book one day.

YAY so that was my week! Apologies for the odd mix of content, as I was super busy doing prep work for design school. I finally had my first day of school today, and will be blogging about that soon! Most of the content over the next 10 weeks will probably be more design focused, so that's something you can expect. Phew it is time to sleep now - I'm so exhausted. Goodnight world!