Designation Continued!

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic! I've been learning and honing so many new skills at Designation, the design school I've been attending. Recently, I've been more focused on coding and design. Coding is one of those things I could do for hours without eating, drinking, sleeping, or even peeing! Once I get into the zone, it's hard to break away from the computer.

I was given the assignment to create the branding and design for a futuristic app when phones can identify smells. I went ahead and coded a website for the app, which you can view by clicking this link. I coded it from scratch minus the Jquery & CSS animations.

One great aspect of Designation is that you have some time to pursue your own interests. I sat down one day and figured out how to code Parallax scrolling through an online tutorial. Parallax scrolling is a special scrolling technique where background images move slower than foreground images/text, giving the site a more dimensional effect. Here is the link to the very rough exercise I put together, if you'd like to better understand what it is. Using the information I learned from that exercise, I did a fun and interactive animation experiment. You can view that experiment by clicking this link. I am always open to feedback, and appreciate all the comments people have made about my work! (My friends want the hot air balloon to explode haha - maybe I'll work on that in the future).

For the next few weeks, I'll be working on real-life (yay!) client projects from startups that are part of 1871, Chicago's entrepreneurial hub for startups. It's such a privilege to play a part in the process of helping these new companies realize their ideas. My tasks are somewhat daunting yet very exciting at the same time!

A big thank you to my friends who have been helping to sustain me over these arduous weeks. Thank you for feeding me, checking up on me, and listening to any issues I've been having!